In-Home Services
We supply and install anything from a single computer to a full home-office network setup. We perform PC tune-ups, including anti-virus, spy ware/pop-up control, setup network printing and internet access, streaming media servers,
setup and configure your wireless router and secure your wireless network from unauthorized access.

  • We can setup/install your PC and home network anywhere throughout Long Island and Queens.
  • Assess your current PC upgradeability and recommend the best solution for you.
  • We can also configure parental control facilities so you can monitor your children's internet usage
  • Pickup and delivery service at no additional cost

Office Support
We offer a comprehensive solution for the small office environment; we provide everything you need; from a single PC
to a full network; be it a first-time setup, maintenance plan or complete "bare-wall" setup, including but not limited to:

  • Supply and installation of telephone systems
  • Full evaluation and topology plan with hardware and software recommendations and suitability analysis
  • Complete network wiring and termination services, including installation of patch panels and punch-down blocks.
  • Complete setup of the corporate network, server build and installation, network and remote backup solution.
  • Network printer setup, controlled internet access services, Install and setup robust network security solutions; hardware firewall appliances and redundant power solutions.
  • Flexible maintenance and remote support agreements that will meet your budget and specific environment.

Key Benefits

  • Fully individualized solutions to ensure you get just what's right for your small office.
  • Full-time remote support available to ensure increased uptime.
  • Available maintenance plans ensure that your network remains in optimal performance.