Welcome To Roatech IT Services

We strive to be one of the most trusted, comprehensive and reliable providers of customized computer-related
services on Long Island; we will make the best effort to provide a solution to every single computer-related
scenario that is presented to us.

Strengths and Competencies
Certifications in network engineering;

  • Over ten years in the IT industry and close to twenty years in the customer service field
  • Extensive wealth of technical hands-on knowledge directly related to solving simple and complex IT
    hardware and software problems
  • Excellent inter-personal and analytical skills ensure that we compliment your regular work routine.
  • Extensive troubleshooting experience and invaluable first-hand expertise in disaster-recovery scenarios.

In any organization, company data is the most valuable (often times irreplaceable) asset that needs to be
preserved and protected at all costs. We have a wealth of experience in handling confidential customer
information and have successfully secured the trust of all our clients.

· Specializing in Disaster Recovery
· New Computer Sales
· Preservation of your Valuable Data a Priority! · Pick-Up & Drop-Off